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Steel Building Traps, Pitfalls, Deceit....The Metal Building Bait $ Switch! My Story And First Hand Experience with Inland Building Systems and Schulte Building Systems Review

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This website is not affiliated or authorized by Inland Building Systems or Schulte Building Systems. This is The Story Based On First Hand Experience

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Inland Building System Review

TL943d- The One Pound Force

I would think that Metal Building Contractors such as Inland Building Systems would know this information means it is required to be certified to operate this type of equipment. The pound-force is a unit of force or weight used in some systems of measurement including English Engineering units and the British Gravitational System. Pound force should not be confused with foot-pound, a unit of energy, or pound-foot, a unit of torque, and may be written as “lbfft”. You can read about it here in at the Wikipedia website.

Inland Building Systems Also A Part Of Shultz Building System paid no regard to Materials, Property Or Structure

inland metal buildings
metal building manufacturers association
inland building
Inland Building Systems (IBS)

Schulte Building Systems (Inland Building Systems)

During there attempt at the alterations and  repair  work of my Metal Building Structure they had a “big Ideas” and  decided they did not what to move materials or hire another hand so the just drove the Cat TL943D Tele-handler or any other available Heavy Equipment repeatedly into the structure, this will soften and make the structure more pliable assuring the necessity to re-plumb the structure?

Pushing and prodding the structure into what I can only believe to be...

metal building Structure

Looks Good From My House Boss!

Then take your Cat TL943D Telehandler forklift, pushing and prodding the structure into what I can only believe to be an attempt at submission?

Eye-Ball It! Daryl! It'll Be Just Fine!

There is no need for use of plumb cables, temporary supports or bracing. For best results it appears this process to require; one man operating the Telehandler, one observing, one holding a level, and the Schulte/ Inland Building Systems Representative checking their Facebook? l

Does Schulte Building Systems Know what They Are Doing? or Do They Just Not Care...?!

Apparently, only the bolts at the first-floor mezzanine require to be loosened for such an operation. No loosening of any anchor bolts or anything above the first floor is required for this operation and there is no need in re-installing or tightening as this can be left for Schulte/ Inland Building Systems consumer.

"Hey Inland...Schulte" If There Is A Hole Put Your Bolt In It Dontchaknow

metal buildings near me

Commercial photography

Three bolt holes, for true quality everyone should have a spare on a Schulte/ Inland Building Systems Building. Only two are required

Inland Building Systems (IBS)

Arty projects

Mounting holes don’t line up, shut up be a man they say, Just WELD IT...bro it will be find. on a Schulte & Inland Building Systems Steel Building because it dont matter "I'm not paying for it" they must think..


Schulte Building Systems Review

Filing action against Schulte/ Inland Building Systems consumer asserting Schulte/ Inland Building Systems has fulfilled their contract. 

While I am attempting to make THIS INLAND BUILDING SYSTEMS NIGHTMARE TO BE A SOME WHAT OF A humorous of the situation. I can assure you, I do not find the position Schulte/ Inland Building Systems put me in to be humorous. If you are planning on building a metal structure and you see or here Inland Schultz Building system remember this article and run far away.

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Florida licensed Engineer Provided The Following Record of Inspection...

Professional engineering

Welding Inspection Field Report

inland building Systems Metal Building and Steel Structure contracting Company

Inland/ Schulte Building Systems Crew failed the welding inspection on many of their welds that could be viewed. Removal of slag is necessary for further inspection on many others

Inland/ Schulte Building Systems Crew installed all the replacement joists opposite from the plans placing MJ2 where MJ1 was designated and MJ4 where MJ3 was designated. This resulted in requiring us to modify many of the joist seats and joist tails after Inland and their contractor abandoned their repair/warranty efforts.

steel building joists epic fail by Inland building systems
inland Metal building joist replacement wow



Schulte Building Systems purchased Inland Building Systems in 2008. Schulte Building Systems DBA Inland Building Systems. They advertise; The Schulte name is synonymous with dedication to strong, loyal customer service and quality engineering and manufacturing in providing the very best metal, most erectable building in the industry. Picture to the left is my Inland metal building that should have been completed 7/17 and currently in litigation. IBS is an IAS AC472 accredited manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings and a charter member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). Displaying the accredited BBB member logo.

Inland and Schulte building systems boasts of numerous accreditations, Certifications and /or Affiliations in its Promotional materials, advertising, and website.

Inland/ Schulte Building Systems boasts of Numerous Accreditations, Certifications and/or Affiliations in its promotional materials, advertising, and website.

This is apparently to promote their stature and confidence to the consumer for their purchase of Inland/Schulte products. They even make boast of their affiliation & accreditation in Legal action against their consumer?

Are these Affiliations and/or Accreditations a Badge of Honor to be held out to the consumer?

Or do the Organizations provide assurance the goods and services they provide affiliation with or accreditation for to be in accordance with that Organization's rules, regulations and guidelines? Do these Organizations act against their members that fail to comply with their rules, regulations and guidelines?

Do these Organizations assist Consumers that are harmed by their members as result of failure to comply with their established rules, regulations and guidelines?

Or are any of these organizations complicit in Inland/Schulte using their Affiliations or Accreditations to falsely advertise and possibly implement fraud against their consumer? BBB Accredited

Schulte/ Inland Building Systems damaged False BBB Accredited Business, “this business is not BBB accredited” according to the BBB website on 9/2/18, they represent that they are a BBB Accredited Business and by clicking on the BBB accredited Logo plastered on their website on 9/2/18, I received “This business is not BBB accredited.”

About the company

Inland Buildings

This business is not BBB accredited.

Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation. To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.


According to the BBB website the Standards of BBB Accreditation are: Build Trust, Advertise Honestly, Tell the Truth, Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms, Be Transparent , Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy, Embody Integrity.&nabs; Do they even qualify?  We have therefore opened complaint with the BBB and ask the BBB to review the documentation contained in this website to opine on any issues that are pertinent to Inland Buildings ability to be an accredited BBB business.


IAS Certified

When they filed arbitration against me Inland/Schulte made boast of being accredited. Their website advises “We have also met the stringent criteria set forth by the International Accreditation Service Approval and are IAS certified to assure you that every project with which we are involved is uncompromised, from procurement of specified materials to design and fabrication of the final product.”

While displaying IAS Accredited Logo.

The International Accreditation Service (IAS) IAS website states that they provide “objective evidence that an organization operates at the highest level of ethical, legal and technical standards.”

I have concern that the documentation contained in this website may provide evidence to Inland’s ethical, legal and technical standards, we have therefore reached out to them via email and USPS Priority Mail #9410 8036 9930 0101 4629 21 to request their Input and ask them to opine on any issues that are pertinent to their certification based on the documentation in this website and we will post their response once received. UPDATE
We were contacted in October of 2018 by a representative of the IAS that advised they were concerned about the assertions contained and would be investigating. We were advised that we would be contacted the following week although received NO FURTHER COMMUNICATIONS.
MBMA Charter Member

Inland’s website displays the MBMA logo promoting being a Charter Member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association Member (MBMA). The MBMA promotes publications such as the Metal Building Systems Manual, Guide for Inspecting Metal Building Systems.

I have concern that the documentation contained in this website documents many of the established guidelines have failed to be adhered so we have therefore reached out to the MBMA via email and USPS Priority Mail #9407803699300042084325 to request their Input and ask them to opine on any issues that are pertinent to their certification based on the assertions in this website.

See response below.
We are in receipt of October 3, 2018 response
“MBMA as an association is devoted in providing leadership, research, and education in the metal building field, through member education, work on codes and standards, and promoting the metal building industry.”
From MBMB letter dated 10/03/18
Although, apparently have no concern on their members providing goods and services in accordance with building code and the MBMA’s established standards.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Inland/ Schulte Building Systems

September 2016, I was looking to make purchase of a pre-engineered metal building and I was under a short time frame as I had to have the project permitting issued prior to the end of the year. The building was not a stock building as it was to be three-story, with second and third story mezzanines and front and rear canopies. The building was to be approximately 34,500 sq.ft., I received quotes from several manufactures, one of them being Inland Buildings Systems. I had made purchase from the local Inland Representative previously when he worked for a reputable Metal Building Manufacturer. On October 20th,2016 I entered into the contract with IBS (Inland Building Systems) at the advisement of the sale representative because of the advised necessity to get in line for engineering to meet my dead line. It was known and understood there are many details still requiring to be defined although this was to be worked out orally. Based on the representatives’representations it appeared worth spending more to have a local representative, I was advised I was buying an extra service? I found later this to be untrue.

“3. You are $18,000.00 higher than Hornet buildings and while I realize there is value in having a local sales rep and I appreciate dealing with you…”
Email Sent to their representative: Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:15 PM

The GC was listed on the contract although there was no question that I was the purchaser signing the contract and they had no issue taking the check from me with my name on it. I have erected numerous metal buildings previously and never had issue communicating with any company.

While it may be rare for an end user to be the installer and contractor’s representative on a job, it is not unreasonable especially since all communications since day one went through me. As I said above, I had bought previously from this Sales Rep when he worked for a reputable company and that purchase was under the same circumstances, resulting with no issue. Inland and their reps had no problem communicating with me until issue was reported to Inland on the quality of their products received and we received the email’s below.

The GC reiterated that I am the erector and his representative for the job and they still refused. Finally, I had to have counsel get involved and then they backed off on their assertion although the GC received notification the local sales rep had been advised to have no further communications. I paid more specifically for these services and was refused to be provided.

Currently they have action against me falsely asserting they have fulfilled their contract and all issues are result of their consumer and their consumers installation defects. Inland/ Schulte now has no problem acknowledging that I am their consumer in legal action they filed against me. “Txxx is Inland’s customer and Inland is obligated to go thru the Inland customer.” Email from their field service: Thursday, May 25, 2017 7:44 PM “I, as well as the Inland Buildings Field Service Group wiil continue to support you in any way possible, however we can not and will not work direct with your end use customer” Email from their field service: July 5, 2017 12:15 PM

Get it in writing!
The contract was signed on October 20, 2016 for the pre-engineered metal building. The sales representative assured me that I was just signing contract to get engineering on 11/14/16 as time was of the essence. All details would be worked out as I was paying more for his representation and Inland was an outstanding company that puts the consumer first. My email in 2016 during the purchase “2. Are you providing bolts for the joists to be bolted and are the joists and structures predrilled?” Email Sent to their representative: Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:15 PM

In response to the above email, Inland’s sales representative called me assuring me this was a completely bolt together building. The fact that I still could have canceled at this time, I’m sure had no factor? Of course, after delivery of the building when we questioned the truss system being a weld in system, we got the following response. Their email response after purchase “The joist to mezzanine beams connection is a welded connection except as specified by engineering.” Email from their field service: June 20, 2017 7:28 AM

When the sales representative was later asked about this by the GC, He advised that he thought the building was bolt together and felt horrible about this. Apparently, not bad enough to come talk to me or provide any of the assistance that I paid for.
Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges 4.4. Approval Except as provided in Section 4.5, the shop and erection drawings shall be submitted to the owner’s designated representatives for design and construction for review and approval. The shop and erection drawings shall be returned to the fabricator within 14 calendar days. Final substantiating connection information, if any, shall also be submitted with the shop and erection drawings. The owner’s designated representative for design is the final authority in the event of a disagreement between parties regarding connection design. Approved shop and erection drawings shall be individually annotated by the Owner’s designated representatives for design and construction as either approved or approved subject to corrections noted. When so required’ the fabricator shall subsequently make the corrections noted and furnish corrected shop and erection drawings to the owner’s designated representatives for design and construction. From AISC’s Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges

Go figure these connections failed to be addressed in the plans for permitting.

PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS First Red Flag Committed Delivery Schedule Inland/ Schulte Building Systems, Sales representative committed to 11/14/16 date to receive plans prior to signing contract, although I receive letter advising 11/23/16 date. I immediately contact rep and miraculously the 11/14/16 date was adhered.

inland building systems

Second Red Flag
In March after reviewing documents I contact them to change the anchor bolts from 3/4″ to 1 1/8″ on center columns. I am told this can’t be done? “the request to use the 1 1/8” diameter anchor rods on xxxx, and due to the flange sizes of the main frame columns the base plates cannot be oversized to accommodate the pattern for the larger rods.” Email from Sale Service Mgr. to Sale rep: 3/1/17 which was forwarded to us

I must tell them it can be done.
Please advise why base plate for detail D and F can not accommodate the 11/8″ anchor rods as these base plate are 10″ x 1′-2″ and 1′ x 1’2″. I would also ask that you please confirm that the other base plates that are 8″ wide can not accommodate 1-1/8″ anchor rods.” Email to Sale rep: 3/3/17

Low and behold it can be done. The 10 Center columns marked D&F on the plans can accommodate 1 1/8″ anchor bolts. Why does their consumer have to tell them how to do their jobs and yet they boast of exceptional customer service?
After speaking with design regarding the 1 1/8″ anchor rods, they determined that the 1 1/8″ rods could be used at the interior columns (Plate details “D” and “F”).” Email from Sale Service : 3/3/17 which was forwarded to us

On Friday 5/5/17 afternoon we received the last packing slip and were advised that we were to receive 10 truckloads of building materials scheduling one hour apart for each truck the following Monday morning 5/8/17. By the time we realize that they are sending all materials in one day and attempt to contact them. Their staff was apparently enjoying their weekend.

inland building Systems

When we later raised issue that they created hardship on their consumer by attempting to deliver everything in one day. 1) Deliver−This delivery was scheduled by the IBS Scheduling group and Txxxx. At that time, both parties agreed on delivering 10 trucks in 10 hours. Apparently, a few of the trucks showed up before their scheduled time slot. One of the reasons that we schedule arrival times is the understanding that there will be no detention charges from the trucking company for hours that a truck is on-site before their scheduled arrival time. The fact that some loads arrived early did not have any effect on your 10 hour slotted time slot. The delivery issue and potential detention charges came into play when you were unable to unload 1 truck per hour as agreed upon, and trucks were their longer than their 1-2 hour appointment time. Letter from their GM Operations: 6/6/17

We are advised it was agreed although do the written communications agree with this assertion? On 4/27/17 the sales rep notified them 5 trucks one day and six trucks another. My best guess is that they would probably be able to receive 5 loads one day and six loads the next day??? Email from their sales representative to Sales Service Manager: 4/27/17

Immediately after receipt of this communication, I called the Sales Rep and even questioned why the bar joists were to be delivered in the same time frame as they would not be necessary for a few weeks. I was then advised the bar joists were shipping from a Florida bar joist manufacturer unlike other parts which were shipped from Inland in Alabama and I could just call in a few weeks to have them delivered. On 5/9/17 we arrive at 7 am to start staging for the trucks only to find the road lined with trucks. Low and Behold the first three trucks are the bar joists

Schulte Building Systems
Did Inland/ Schulte Building Systems
Did Inland/ Schulte Building Systems
Did Inland/ Schulte Building Systems
Did Inland/ Schulte Building Systems
Did Inland/ Schulte Building Systems